For appearing examination, student must have 85% attendance in both theory and practical papers. But if a student fall in sickness, he/she will be sent up if     the sent-up committee feels his/her problem is genuine.

For MSW students 4 semesters examinations and for BHM and BTM students 8 semester examinations are conducted by the university. Students have to     appear each semester with theory and practical papers. After successful completion of all semesters and scoring the pass out mark student will be awarded     degree certificate. Student failing in semester examination will have to re-appear back paper examination to complete the course. A student has 3 years period     for MSW and 5 years period for BHM and BTM course in hand from the year of the admission to complete the course. After that his/her registration will be     automatically canceled and new admission has to be taken for further completion of the course. If a student does not appear any semester examination, then     he/she can appear it with filling up form for regular and back of the concerned semester or if not, his/her admission will be cancelled. If the student is not     satisfied with the score, he/she can re-appear the paper scoring poor mark. And after examination the highest score of the both the exams will be retain in     score card. This re-appear is done in next exam after the result publishing. However student can verify the marks depositing prescribed fees at the university.     Students fail in practical will be treated as fail.

The Examination for a Theory Paper shall have a Mid Semester Examination for 20% of total marks to be conducted at College/Department level and the     Semester End Examination for the rest of 80% of total marks to be conducted by the University. In case a candidate fails to appear the Mid Semester     Examination (Internal) due to a genuine reason, then, the Principals of the Affiliated Colleges and the Head, P.G. Teaching Departments in case of the P.G.     Teaching Departments of the University will arrange special Tests for the concerned students.

The examination in each theory paper carrying more than 50 full marks shall be of four hours duration for P.G Courses and of 3 hours duration for U.G.     Courses. Similarly the Examination in each theory paper carrying 50 full marks or less shall be of two hours duration for all courses.

In case of Practical Papers, 30% of total marks is earmarked for sessional marks to be awarded by the class teachers considering the overall performance of     the candidate during the entire duration of the Semester and the rest 70% of total marks is earmarked for Semester end Examinations. The duration for     practical.

A candidate is required to secure 40% marks separately in Internal, Sessional and Semester End (Theory/ Practical) Examinations of each paper of the     concerned semesters in order to pass the Examination.

Setting of question papers and evaluation of answer scripts conduct of Practical Examination shall be done in terms of marks. The conversion of marks into     grades shall be done at the University level as per CGPA/Grading System and results shall be published accordingly in terms of grade points. The Conversion     Chart from marks to grades, Final Result Grade Chart and Sample Calculation of Results are annexed here with.

A candidate shall be awarded degrees in the concerned subject after successful completion of all Semester Examinations and required no. of credits.

A candidate who falls to secure the minimum pass marks in any theory paper/papers in a particular semester Examination may appear the said paper/papers     within the next two consecutive chances of the same Semester depending on the availability as Back Examination. However, the course cannot be extended     beyond the stipulated time as mentioned at Point-1 above.

A candidate after successfully clearing all Semester Examination in P.G. courses, if found to have secured less than 60% of marks (Grade-A) in aggregate and     wants to improve upon, he may reappear once in any or all papers of any one semester in the next academic session. However, the course cannot be     extended beyond the stipulated time as mentioned above.

A student having difficulty in the English language would be mandated to attend the special English classes and appear for an examination to be held at the     end of the first year.

Student should obtain no dues certificate from the college before examination form fill-up of every semester examination.

All the assignment/answers should be written in English, as the medium of instruction is English.