Deriving from the vision, the OASIS is guided by the following principles :

Appreciation of and respect for freedom of expression and cultural, ideological and intellectual diversity.

Equal opportunities for all and non-discrimination on grounds of caste, class, gender, sexual preference, religion, and     disability.

Accountability and transparency in all work matters.

Decision-making in management and organizational processes, which is collective, participatory and

Pedagogy which is participatory and experiential, fostering dialogue, mutual learning and critical reflection.

Emphasis on creativity and innovation in academic activities.

Recognition of the synergy resulting from teamwork, including multi-disciplinary perspectives and trans-disciplinary     collaborations.

Creation of an enabling environment that fosters teamwork, cooperation and mutual support.

Development of inter-linkages across teaching, research and extension.

Fostering of a spirit of self-reflection and critical appreciation.

Oasis College