Making Excellence Count


We, at OASIS, are working to radically transform our academic culture and spirit that have been constrained by structural bottlenecks and the meager and consistently declining resources available to colleges/ universities. One of the most significant initiatives undertaken during the Plan period was the comprehensive restructuring of the academic structure and programmes. Academic collaboration and networking with other institutions, both in India and overseas, is a priority area. We expect these collaborations to strengthen our capacities to fulfill our vision of being an institution of excellence in higher education that develops and applies knowledge in - pursuit of social justice and human rights for all. By instituting chairs, fellowships and scholarships, we seek to further strengthen independent research, in a climate of intellectual rigor and academic freedom. We are up-scaling our capacity to develop and disseminate print, electronic and audio-visual knowledge resources, thus enabling us to reach out and deepen our dialogue with civil society. We are also seeking to augment and upgrade our academic, administrative and infrastructural capacities. Drawing on the nourishment from close relationship with government, inter-governmental, academic, communities and NGOs, industry and other civil society groups OASIS hopes to meet the new challenges that we face as we strike a new path.