Research Project / Dissertation

A major consideration in providing a research project is its educational value. It offers students an opportunity to plan a study, prepare research tools, collect     data in the field, analyze the data and write up the project under the guidance of a faculty.

Research project is compulsory for the students of Master of Social Work. Social Work students are strongly encouraged to do a research project. However,     they have the option of choosing between a research project experience and 2 additional optional courses. The students who opt for research projects should     select their research areas at the end of 1st year for reporting to the Academic Council.

Two copy of the Research Project Dissertation Report, duly signed by the Research Guide, should be submitted to the College and University each on     the last working day of April, or the next working day in case it is a field work day. The student, who submits the research project dissertation after the due date     for whatever reason(s), will be treated as appearing for the supplementary examination in the requirement of Research Project/Dissertation.

If the thesis committee assesses it to less than a grade point of 1.50 in the research project! Dissertation, he/she will be required to resubmit the research     project/dissertation with additional work addressing issues raised by the Committee.