Field Work/ Internship

A distinctive feature of our teaching programmes is the emphasis laid on field work/internship as an integral part of the total curriculum. For the Master of     Social Work students, this includes institutional visits and group lab sessions. Field work/internship enables the student to integrate and reinforce the     knowledge acquired in the classroom with actual practice under competent supervision provided by field instructors who may be Institute faculty or staff of the     agency. The content of field work/internship is planned to provide an orderly sequence of learning. Supervised field work/internship of 15 hours, per week, is     required for all MSW students. Field Work/Internship is organised as concurrent and block field work for the Social Work. In all the 2 years Concurrent field     work is organized. In their second year, students are placed for concurrent field work according to the specific requirements of each specialization. There is an     agency block placement of about I month at the end of final exam, which is compulsory and non-credit.

Field Work/Internship Attendance Sheet for all the programmes should be handed over to the respective guide teacher, every month, with the signature of the     Field Work Supervisor and the Principal. Otherwise, the student will be considered absent for the period of field.

Where observation visits are arranged as a part of field work/internship, student participation is compulsory.

A Rural Practicum is arranged in the First Year Social, Work students. Participation in the Practicum is compulsory. Under exceptional circumstances, if a     student is unable to participate in the Rural Practicum or preparatory and evaluation sessions, he/she will compensate for the absence, for a period of one     week in a rural area through a rural based agency after the 1st year exam. The accompanying faculty, in consultation with the Rural Practicum Coordinator, will     finalize the programme of activity.

Where study tours are arranged by the Institute, participation in such tours is compulsory. Under exceptional circumstances, the Principal, with the approval of     the Director, may grant exemption. If, for reason a student is unable to go on the study tour he/she will compensate for the absence, for an equivalent period,     with additional field work in the agency in which he/she is placed.

Towards the end of final year, block field placement will be organised. Every student is required to complete full-time, block field work placement of 1 month     after the final year examinations. Every student is required to produce a certificate/evaluation     form indicating satisfactory completion of block field placement     from the organisation placed in, failing which the conferment of degree will be withheld.

The student must satisfactorily meet all the requirements as well as the specified number of hours/days to become eligible for the degree.